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Training can help individuals acquire new skills and knowledge, leading to improved job performance and higher levels of productivity.

A well-trained workforce can give an organization a competitive edge and increase its overall efficiency and effectiveness.

A TSS Vocational Skill Development Training Center at Pune For Women provides learning and development opportunities to individuals or organizations through classes, workshops, seminars, and other educational programs. The training institute focuses on improving skills and knowledge in a specific field, industry, or subject matter. The aim of a skill development center is to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential through continuous learning and development.

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TSS Vocational Skill Development Training Center

Paramedical Courses

We provide Bharat Sevak Samaj-affiliated Diploma Courses for a candidate who has an interest in the health sector & wants to make a promising career in the healthcare sector.

Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) is a national development agency, Promoted by the Planning Commission, Govt of India in 1952. It has a wide variety of training courses. We are an authorized training partner of BSS.

Offered Courses

1. Patient Care

These courses cover topics such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, patient communication and interaction, patient safety and hygiene, and basic medical procedures, among others.


2. DMLT (Diploma in Laboratory Technology)

The course covers subjects such as anatomy, physiology, laboratory mathematics, laboratory techniques, laboratory management, and laboratory safety.

Paramedical Courses

Fashion Design Courses

TSS Vocational Skill Development Training Center

Fashion Design Courses

Fashion design courses refer to educational programs that provide training in the creation and production of clothing and fashion accessories.

Fashion design courses provide in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, including design principles, textiles, garment construction, and fashion marketing and merchandising.

Offered Courses

1. Diploma in Fashion Design

2. Advance Fashion Design Course

3. western Costumes By Bitish Method

4. Advance Embroidery Aari/Zari/Needle Work

5. Dress Designing Course

6. Fashion Illustration

7. Blouse Designing Course

8. Mens Wear Course

9. Basic Tailoring Course

TSS Vocational Skill Development Training Center

Beauty & Wellness Courses

Beauty courses refer to educational programs that provide training in the techniques and procedures used in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

These courses cover topics such as skin anatomy and physiology, product knowledge, makeup application, hair cutting and styling, nail care, spa treatments, and business management, among others.

Offered Courses

1. Professional Masterclass in Makeup Styling & Draping

2. Professional Beauty Parlour Course

3. Diploma in Hair Dressing

4. Diploma in Cosmetology

Beauty Courses

Computer Courses

TSS Vocational Skill Development Training Center

Computer Courses

Computer courses refer to educational programs that provide training in computer science, technology, and applications.

Graduates of computer courses are equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue careers in the technology & Finance industry, including programming, data analysis, design, and more.

Offered Courses

1. Basic Computer Course

2. All-in-One MS-Office Course

3. Advance Excel Course

4. DTP Course

5. TallyErp 9.0 Course

6. Digital Marketing Course

7. Social Media Marketing

8. Typing Training Course

TSS Vocational Skill Development Training Center


Training workshops are short-term, focused learning sessions that aim to provide participants with specific skills and knowledge.

Workshops are usually conducted in a hands-on, interactive format and are designed to be engaging and practical. They are often conducted over a single day or a few days and may be focused on a specific topic or skill.

Offered Courses

1. Two Wheeler Training

2. Cake Making

3. Rangoli | Mahendi Design

4. Masala Making

5. Dance | Zumba | Yoga Class

6. Bag Making



Course Impact

By acquiring new skills and knowledge through courses, individuals can advance their careers, increase their earning potential, and become more competitive in the job market.

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